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Sqeech 1.21 - LIVE

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Evolve volume patch, minor changes to default settings.

Sqeech 1.2

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Many improvements in the preferences pane including a mini mode for smaller screens and two new pages for better organization/navigation. New "evolve" effect added.

Sqeech 1.11

Released to the AppStore on Jun 4 2014. Browse Manual
Added AudioBus Support, orientation support for iPhone, vertical touch visualizer added.

Sqeech 1.01

Released to the AppStore May 15 2014. Browse Manual
Several graphic changes, visualizer renders pitch bends and range keyboard is live during drag. Key placement changes when you switch modes now and auto-tune feature when jumping into a key from spectrum view.

Sqeech 1.0

Released to the AppStore on May 7 2014. Browse Manual
The initial creature up-and-running. Eight channels, two effects. All features supported. Needs lipstick.

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