The iOS Synthesizer

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This App is a multi-touch frequency synthesizer rendering eight cd-quality bendable audio waveform channels at any range on demand. The keyboard and output range are completely customizable with three powerful modes of sound: spectrum gives you a full oscillator; chromatic mode using half steps; or major mode with 12 keys.

Designed for flow, you can join in to any live acoustic set or electronic machination instantly. Sqeech can deliver deep bass or high-end electronic rain on one fret board. This tool was made for the hand to groove.

Responds to eight simultaneous touches by the user. A vibrato is achieved with a side-to-side pulsing of the fingers. Each touch has a separate volume channel giving you an living organic sound. Additionally two effect propellors are included for firefly squeeching effects with full control over pitch and speed from a finger.

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Audiobus Compatible v1.1+

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